Basic Training With ParaFit

Welcome to basic training - where fun and fitness is combined.

This is a great way to ease yourself into a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle. The entire concept of ParaFit is to follow a progressive and manageable approach to achieving goals.

We pride ourselves in delivering the programme in a step by step manner without stepping to far outside of your comfort zone at this stage. We will record and monitor your progression along the way and produce tangible and quantifiable results to ensure you are achieving the fit body, fit mind outcome of ParaFit.

Along your journey you will enjoy the various training methods adopted by ParaFit, all specifically designed to keep you excited and entertained. We realise that training must be fun and enjoyable for everyone entering into this level.

Our very inspirational and highly experienced, qualified Physical Training Instructors this training camp is perfectly suited for weight loss, general fitness and well-being goals as well as meeting new like mined people and simply wanting to feel great and do well.

We fully encourage the camaraderie and solidarity of the group training response. 

So, if you are getting married, going on holiday, for health, fitness, wellness reasons or just want to meet new people and become a part of something great, come on, join in and feel great today.
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