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If you're looking for fitness classes to improve your self-confidence, get in touch with us today! Our fitness programmes are available across England.
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Welcome to Bootcamp UK

BCUK is one of the best outdoor fitness companies today. BCUK is the no-nonsense training programme created around The Elite Parachute Regiments fitness training programme. The elite style fitness training is designed to take your fitness to levels that you never thought possible. The hard style approach and the dedication of our elite physical training instructors is paramount, with this in mind and your 100 percent commitment YOU WILL achieve your goals, whether it is for weight loss or to push yourself that little bit harder.

BCUK will not only help you build an elite functional fitness, strength, stamina, durability, endurance and mental toughness, but we believe that hard physical exercise builds character and self-confidence for a better life.

These sessions can be physically demanding, and can be carried out in military style boot camp groups, or if you feel that you would like the personal touch we can offer you sessions on a one-to-one basis.

BCUK started at Browning Barracks, Aldershot Hampshire GU11 2BU once the proud home of the Airborne Forces, 5th Airborne Brigade. We are now based at King George V Park, Farnborough, GU14 6PQ.

For our boot camp schedules, or further information, get in touch today.
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